Loose extensions are so termed because the finished look is that of loose hair (instead of braids or dreads). This is the most natural-looking style of extensions; whether done in human or synthetic hair, it comes out looking like you haven't had extensions at all! They can be done entirely in a solid natural shade, as shown here, or with streaks of unnatural colors, like the ruby-red shown here.

Every head of loose extensions is done with attention to your natural hair's color, texture, and style, to facilitate blending and make the extension hair match as closely as possible. Loose extensions can make your own hair longer, thicker, or both! They are worn by many celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Angelina Jolie. We use only top-quality monofilament synthetic hair (from Dome, Prostyles, or Plastikhaar- as shown to the right) and Remy (cuticle-correct) human hair.

Loose extensions can also be used for coloring. As a longer-lasting and less damaging alternative to bleach and dye, loose extensions can be added to your hair to give highlights, lowlights, or bold color effects. Getting a similar look with bleach and dye is usually twice as expensive and lasts half as long. Color highlights with loose extensions can be done in either human or synthetic hair and blend in perfectly with your natural hair. More detailed aftercare instructions (for both human and synthetic) can be found here.

We use two different application techniques. Generally, we use pinchbraiding for synthetic hair and the microring weave for human hair extensions: